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Fraxeum uses blockchain technology to power
rapid fintech innovation.

Fraxeum Users Community

Community members earn Fraxeum Coin by contributing to the Fraxeum ecosystem. Fraxeum is the platform's native coin used to pay community members for work they do.

Get started by downloading and installing the Fraxeum App (coming soon to the Google Play store and iOS app store!) Your private Fraxeum wallet is automatically created at registration. Next you need to promote your services to the community. For instance, if you would like to offer API developer support, entrepreneurs would be able to hire you and your get paid in Fraxeum.

Absolutely anyone that shares our vision of using technology to create a better future for all.

Download the Fraxeum app and register. Then go to the Fraxeum community website and start connecting with other people.

You earn Fraxeum when you do stuff for the community. Here are a few examples of things you can do:

  • Blockchain mining
  • Blockchain admin
  • User support
  • Developer support
  • Client support
  • Platform testing
  • Platform security
  • Platform dev

Payment and rates are negotiated and agreed between you and the client. When you do things for the Fraxeum platform, the Fraxeum platform becomes the client. We will engage with developers on a one to one basis to agree scope of work, deliverables and rewards.

You can trade the Fraxeum you've earned for Fiat or Crypto on the Fraxeum wallet internal market place. Clients and investors using the platform create demand for Fraxeum with each transaction performed. A small share of a transaction is converted to Fraxeum to cover fees. Other payments such as client licenses, community support fees etc are also settled in Fraxeum.

You will be able to withdraw Fraxeum to either Fiat or Bitcoin and a range of other Cryptocurrencies in the near future at a cost of around 0.5% (partner platform charge).

The Fraxeum community site will launch on 21 July 2019.

Start by joining the Fraxeum Telegram group to receive all the latest news and updates.

Coming soon

Coming soon

Fraxeum - Fintech Innovation Launchpad

Fintech innovation doesn't have to be overly expensive or fraught with legal complexity. Fraxeum offers a wide range of API end-points and sample code that helps developers, entrepreneurs and corporates innovate quickly and comply with global regulatory frameworks.

Sample use cases:

Click on name for description.

Micro investment lets you invest in an income generating asset, like rental property, for as little as $1 per share. Fraxeum annihilates the cost involved in managing millions of tiny investment accounts making it feasible to create lucrative micro investment products.

An Employee share scheme a great way to attract and retain talent but they are traditionally expensive to setup and run. Fraxeum uses crypto assets as digital share certificates. The Fraxeum API makes it easy to issue shares, pay dividends, identify owners and report on ownership structures.

Crowdfunded lending is big business. You can build and launch your own crowdfunded microloans product with secure, verifiable data. Each lenders loan agreement is signed digitally and stored on the blockchain. Investors contribute to the capital pool via EFT or crypto payments. Lenders can also repay loads using credit card.

Fraxeum lets you generate reward tokens and automate the redemption process. Fraxeum supports event triggers that calls your system with event data. Each trigger acts like a smart contract allowing you process the event and disburse rewards.

Whether you are distributing supper vouchers to conference delegates or creating wallets to facilitate millions of tiny machine-to-machine transactions, Fraxeum lets you create new wallets on the fly, manage sending of tokens between accounts and process thousands of transactions per second at ultra low cost.

Instasure is an app that is just waiting to be built. Fraxeum records each transaction instantly, with timestamps, user traceability and the potential to record additional data right in the block - GPS coordinates for example helping you determine exactly when and where an insurance request was recorded.

True transparency is when you allow stakeholders to track expenses in real time. Fraxeum lets users upload invoices and expense receipts as they are processed. These documents are tokenised and secured on the blockchain.

Whether you are building an app to crowdfund the cost of a lifesaving operation for an orphan or a system that allows people to buy a share in cutting edge technology, the Fraxeum API lets you accept payment via EFT, Card and Crypto in your local currency.

Looking to reward participation and consumer behaviour? Fraxeum's wallet system lets you keep track of events and reward your users with tokens. Your users can later redeem tokens for prizes.

Current Projects Powered By Fraxeum

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Fraxeum Core Features

The API takes care of everything from user registration and two factor authentication to distributing dividends and administering withdrawals.

Fraxeum Blockchain

Fraxeum operates a permissioned blockchain, an instance of the open source Multichain blockchain (forked from the Bitcoin blockchain) with verified miner identity and staked admin operators. Anyone can mine as long as your identity and IP address have been verified.

Consensus Algorithm

Distributed consensus by trusted nodes

Data is added to the chain by miners. Fraxeum requires basic miner identity verification. Verified miners are invited to mine the next block in round robin fashion. As there is no need for miners to compete to mine the next block thus requiring vastly less processing power resulting in significantly lower mining cost.

Read more about the Multichain permissioned consensus model here: Whitepaper

Mining Fraxeum

Cloud mining for everyone

Setup your first Fraxeum cloud miner in just 5 minutes!

Miners add data to the blockchain and earn Fraxeum for their efforts. Anyone with a verified Civic profile ID can mine but mine.

Mining requirements:

  • Fraxeum username
  • Cloud Server Account (Vultr recommended)
    • 64bit Operating System (Ubuntu 16.04+ recommended)
    • 1 CPU
    • 2GB Memory
Node install script

Fraxeum - Native currency

Fraxeum is the gas that powers the blockchain. Blockchain miners and administrators have real expenses and in return are rewarded with Fraxeum. One frax is the smallest part of a Fraxeum Coin 1 frax = 0.00000001 Fraxeum.

Fraxeum Characteristics

Variable Value
Cryptographic Type Bitcoin Blockchain compatible asset (8 Decimals), native coin.
Max Supply 200 million - Capped
Hash Algorithm Proof of Work (Identical to Bitcoin: HashCash)
Primary Purpose Fraxeum is used to automatically reward workers for work they do on behalf of the platform. This could be miners, developers and other contributors in the Fraxeum community.
Market Making Clients, users and consumers are the market takers. Transaction fees, production key fees and premium support fees are settled in Fraxeum.
Method of Distribution Reward payment for work completed.
Market Place Initially Fraxeum will only be redeemable for fiat or other cryptocurrencies on the platform's internal OTC market place. Fraxeum will list on Bitcoin compatible exchanges once volumes increase to acceptable levels.
Monetary Policy The foundation manages the distribution of Fraxeum to protect the value of Fraxeum Coin. Shareholders that own large amounts of Fraxeum have their Coin locked up for 2 years. Once unlocked, Fraxeum shareholders can offer their Fraxeum for sale in small blocks over extended periods.
Listing Fraxeum Like Bitcoin, an exchange needs to run a full Fraxeum node (cloud based VM with a total operating cost of ~$30 per month operating cost) and wallet to list Fraxeum. The Fraxeum blockchain supports all the native Bitcoin API functions.

Fraxeum Coin Market

  Fee Type Required
Conversion Maker Taker
1 Transaction fees,
Premium support fees,
License fees etc.
Fraxeum fiat/crypto → frax frax holder Projects,
3 Liquidity Fiat/Crypto frax → fiat/crypto frax holder Projects,

Independent Admin Node Operators

Free App Source Code

The Fraxeum team implemented the entire API in an Ionic app and we've made it all open-source. You are free to contribute or download and use the source code in your own project.


Journey & Roadmap

Fraxeum started in 2015 as a concept to facilitate fractional property ownership for a small business in South Africa. The concept gradually evolved into a full fledged tokenised ownership system. Today the platform makes it possible for developers from all every corner of the world to harness the power of blockchain technology and build phenomenal Fintech projects.

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Fraxeum Community

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